Academic and Research Cooperation(Case)

International Schweitzer Program of the University of Taipei

International Schweitzer Program of the University of Taipei

Exchange highlights

  • Providing international service experiences for University of Taipei (UT) students
  • Enhancing UT students' ability to apply their education learning and practice
  • Facilitating exchanges between UT and international institutions
International Schweitzer Program of the University of Taipei

University of Taipei International Schweitzer Program

In 2021, the University of Taipei (UT) was granted the Ministry of Education's subsidy for normal universities to organize the International Schweitzer Program. On January 28, 2023, Professor Liang-Ping Jian from the Department of Education led 16 students of teacher education to conduct a two-week program at Huaxing Elementary School in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand as part of the program.

UT students of teacher education held various courses to improve the Chinese language proficiency of local students and promote international cultural exchange. At the same time, they honed their teaching skills and commitment to providing education for all without discrimination. The team designed fun and diverse Chinese and Taiwanese cultural courses, such as introducing holidays like Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, guiding the elementary students to make DIY fragrance sachets, writing Spring Festival couplets and flying sky lanterns. In Chinese conversation classes, the team modified existing dialogs in the textbooks so that students can play different roles, thereby practicing their Chinese speaking and building their confidence. Under fun and interesting instructions given by UT students of teacher education, children in Huaxing Elementary School participated enthusiastically in these courses and activities. Seeing their innocence and enthusiasm was truly gratifying. A student of teacher education, Yi-Ai Liu, said, “I felt so proud and honored to see them grow and improve every day. It gave me a taste of what it's like to be a teacher. After returning to Taiwan, I am more certain than ever that I want to pursue teaching as a career. I hope that every day in the future, when I teach, I can bring a smile to my students. I hope I can find even more passion and love for teaching.”

The principal of Huaxing Elementary said that although it’s hard to improve the students’ Chinese proficiency substantially in a matter of two short weeks, the adaptive teaching provided by UT students of teacher education not only made the elementary students more focused, the diverse courses also made them more motivated to learn. Speaking on this program, Yu-Tzu Yeh, another student of teacher education, said, “The International Schweitzer Program is a great opportunity to put what we learned in school to practice. Day by day, we prepared for lessons, and then discussed and adjusted our teaching approaches with fellow team members. Gradually, we got better as we found more appropriate teaching methods and got a better grip on the teaching pace. Throughout the process, we could really see their improvement and growth, and feel the power and effect of education.”

‘Life influences life,’ a saying that seems to be the title of every educator’s story, summarized another student of teacher education, Yi-Liang Lu. He also mentioned that, “In terms of life, teaching experience, and personal global perspective, the International Schweitzer Program has given me various stimulation and growth. I will carry this passion with me as I continue to pursue my dream of becoming an educator to bring good fortune to every child.” With funds provided by the Ministry of Education, various training courses, and teaching and accommodations assistance provided by Huaxing Elementary School, the International Schweitzer Program came to a successful end.

International Schweitzer Program of the University of Taipei
UT faculty and students met with Huaxing Elementary School students on the first day.

International Schweitzer Program of the University of Taipei
UT students of teacher education led Huaxing Elementary School students in learning Chinese through lively and interesting lessons.

International Schweitzer Program of the University of Taipei
Huaxing Elementary School students joyfully showcased their handmade crafts during the diversified courses arranged by UT students of teacher education.

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