Personal Information Protection Statement & Privacy Policies

The Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (the "Foundation") hereby notifies you of the following with the Notification and Consent Letter for Personal Information Protection and Privacy Policy (the "Notification and Consent letter") in accordance with Articles 8, 19 and 21 of the Personal Information Protection Act ("PIPA") for the collection, process and utilization of your personal information:

Collection Purpose

For the purpose of providing with the business needs under the Article of Incorporation of the Foundation.
To collect, process, utilize and internationally transmit personal information pursuant to the statutory obligations under laws/regulations of the Republic of China and competent authority of jurisdiction where the utilization entities under the Notification and Consent letter are located, contractual or quasi-contractual relationship, or any other legal relationship.
The Foundation will collect, process, utilize and internationally transmit your personal information under any of the following purpose: 
International exchanges and cooperation, enrollment and course promotion, educational exchange and the organization and registration of its related activities, newsletter and the provision of its related service information, personalization service for users, provision of website service and management, contact and interaction with the users, questionnaire, statistical analysis, academic research, administration and service, and other related matters.   

Categories of Personal Information

The personal information collected by the Foundation, including but not limited to name, ID number, passport number, alien resident certificate (ARC) number, gender, date of birth, nationality, educational background, experiences, ages, number for financial institutions’ account, postal and resident address, telephone number, e-mail address or other information may be directly or indirectly identify your identity. 

The Period, Area, Entities, and method of the Utilization of Your Personal Information

 Utilization Period

The utilization will be form the term below, whichever is longer, during which the Foundation is permitted by the competent authority for business operation
  • The duration that the specific purpose of the collection of the personal information is still applicable.
  • The duration that the Foundation shall keep the personal information according to relevant laws and regulations or for the operation of the business.
  • The duration that the Foundation shall keep the information according to the individual agreement.

 Utilization Area

To collect, process, utilize and internationally transmit personal information in the onshore or offshore jurisdictions where the utilization entities stated under this notification and consent letter are located (including but not limited to Taiwan, America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia.).

Utilization Entities

The Foundation or its authorized employees, agencies that appointed by the Foundation to provide outsourcing services( including but not limited to website maintenance vendor, and other agencies that under the purposes of this notification and consent letter), other public agencies or academic research institutions that cooperate with the Foundation based on international exchanges and cooperation, public interest, and for the necessity of statistics or academic research, and the other government agency that has the power to investigate under applicable laws and regulations. 

Utilization Method

Collection, processing, utilization and international transmission by electronic or other non-electronic methods, which meet the requirements under the relevant laws and regulations of personal information protection.


Your Rights and Exercise Method under Article 3 of the PIPA


You may exercise the following rights against the Foundation for the personal information kept by the Foundation:

To access, review or request for the duplication, unless under the exceptional  situation provided under Article 10 of the PIPA.  The Foundation may charge a fee to cover necessary costs under the applicable laws and regulations.
To request to supplement, correct your personal information; provided that you shall provide with an adequate explanation in accordance with Article 19 of Enforcement Rules of the PIPA.
Unless agreed by you in writing, if the purpose of collecting personal information disappears or upon expiration of the relevant time period, you may request to delete, stop processing or utilize your personal information.
If the collecting, process or utilization of the personal information by the Foundation is in violation of the PIPA, you may request to erase, cease collecting, or process your personal information. 
If there is a dispute over the correctness of personal information, you may request to stop process or utilize, unless you agree in writing and indicate the dispute.

If you want to exercise rights mentioned above, please submit your written request with relevant proof documents to the Foundation.  The Foundation will notify you of the decision on your request within 15 days after the next day of the date the Foundation receives your request.  If necessary, such 15 days period may be extended for another 15 days and the Foundation will notify you in writing of such exclusion.  Where it is requested to access or review the documents, you shall, after the receipt of the Foundation’s notice and within the specified period, come to the location specified in the Foundation’s notification letter to access and review the documents.  Where the applicant fails to access or review the documents within the specified period, he/she is required to re-submit the written request to the Foundation.

You may freely choose to provide your personal information and the impact on your rights if you refuse to provide your personal information

The information is required for the Foundation to provide the relevant services to you and/or your company/institution or to perform the agreements with you and/or your company/institution.  If you refuse to provide your personal information, the Foundation may not be able to provide the relevant services to you and/or to your company/institution or perform the agreements with you and/or with your company/institution.  Please notify the Foundation of any change on your personal information.  You represent and warrant that the personal information provided by you to the Foundation is correct and you authorize the Foundation to make any amendment to it at our discretion.


The Foundation complies with the relevant regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act, and collects and processes your personal information within the scope of specific purposes. Without your written consent, the Foundation will not use your personal information for other purposes.


The Foundation has adopted appropriate safety measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations to prevent your personal information from being stolen, altered, destroyed, lost or leaked, including the firewalls and anti-virus systems, and other necessary safety prevention measures, and only authorized personnel may process and utilize your personal information, and all relevant processing agents have signed a confidentiality agreement. Anyone who has violated the confidentiality agreement will be penalized legally.  If the Foundation appoint other third party or relevant offices to assist to collect, process or utilize the information, we will also strictly require them to adhere to confidentiality obligations and adopt necessary monitoring procedure to ensure that the confidentiality obligations are followed.  However, the information transmission on the Internet cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure.   Please be aware of and bear the risks of online information transmission.  If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, please also pay attention to close the browser to prevent others from accessing your personal information.


Due to the need of the website’s internal management and to provide the best service, the Foundation’s website will install and access  Cookie on your browser to store you IP address, time of using, used  browser, records for browsing and clicking information, and etc.   If you do not want to accept the Cookie, you can set the privacy level in the features of the browser to its highest to reject the Cookies, but it may cause some functions of the website cannot work properly.   

The pages of the Foundation’s website provide links to other websites, therefore, when clicking links on our website, you may connect to other websites.  However, the Personal Information Protection and Privacy Protection Policy does not apply to the other websites. You shall refer to the related protection policies of the linked websites.


You understand that the Foundation has the rights to amend this notification and consent letter, and the Foundation will notify you of the content which has been amended as well as the key points through oral or written method, telephone, message, e-mail, facsimile, electronic documents or any other means which may make you know or enable you to know, including but not limited to providing you with the website link of the notification after amendment and the key points of the amendments by the methods stated above.  Then, please review the content of the appointed website carefully, and, if necessary, reply whether you agree or not per the instruction.  If there are controversies between relevant terms for collection, processing, utilization and internationally transmission under the documents signed by you and the Foundation previously, relevant clauses of the privacy policy and this notification and consent letter, this notification and consent letter shall prevail.


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