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Erasmus+ Funds NTPU Scholars’ Visit to Cardiff University

Erasmus+ Funds NTPU Scholars’ Visit to Cardiff University

Exchange highlights

  • Erasmus+ - a three-year funding program supporting professor and student exchange on both sides.
  • Professors from both sides jointly comprise research teams to discuss the bilateral staff exchange grant between the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).
  • Focus on "Urban Sustainability" for interactive exchanges between academia and industry in Taiwan and the United Kingdom.
Erasmus+ Funds NTPU Scholars’ Visit to Cardiff University

"The Taipei University Delegation of Scholars Makes Its Inaugural Visit to Cardiff University in the United Kingdom."

In 2019, National Taipei University and Cardiff University successfully applied for a three-year Erasmus+ project on Urban Sustainability. Though postponed due to COVID-19, the project re-started with a collaboration agreement signed in July 2022, with fourteen professors and four students from both universities participating.

The delegation from NTPU, led by Prof Wen-I Lin (Dean of Office of International Affairs, OIA/Professor of Graduate Institute of Urban Planning, GIUP) and Prof Wann-Ming Wey (Dean of International College of Sustainability Innovations, ICSI/Professor of Department of Real Estate and Built Environment), visited Cardiff University for ten days, accompanied by Dr. Jung-Ying Chang (Head/ Associate Professor of the GIUP), Dr. Chia-Tsung Yeh (Associate Professor of GIUP), Dr. Chiu Shu-Yi (Associate Professor of the Graduate Institute of Folk Arts and Cultural Heritage), Dr. Thijs Velema (Senior Consultant of International Collaboration of OIA/ Associate Professor of Department of Sociology), and Dr. Jia-Hau Liu (Assistant professor of Department of Public Administration and Policy).

"Comprising Research Teams to Pioneer Infinite Future Possibilities."
During the visit, NTPU scholars met with Prof. Urfan Khaliq (Pro Vice-Chancellor, PVC), Prof. Gill Bristow (Head of the School, School of Geography and Planning), Dr. Monnika Henneman (Dean (International) for College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), as well as Dr. Justin Spinney and Dr. Li Yu, scholars from School of Geography and Planning, Cardiff University. They discussed potential collaboration and were invited to give a speech at the "Wales-Taiwan Research Symposium" on February 1 to 2, sharing their research on Taiwan. After the symposium, they discussed the NSTC-ESRC joint research project with Cardiff University's research team, visited the Welsh government, attended the Cardiff Capital Region Meeting, and looked forward to exploring more diverse academic cooperation opportunities.

"Cardiff University Delegation Delivers Lectures, Demonstrating the Friendly Relations with National Taipei University."
Under the support of the Erasmus+ mobility project, Cardiff University scholars also visited National Taipei University (NTPU) for academic exchanges, collaborative research, and intensive teaching sessions between March 23 and March 31, 2023. The delegation consisted of seven scholars from the School of Geography and Planning, including Dr. Justin Spinney, Prof. Robert Huggins, Prof. Max Munday, Dr. Li Yu, Dr. Oleg Golubchikov, Dr. Mathilde Christensen, and Dr. Abid Mehmood. NTPU is very glad to invite Cardiff University scholars as guest lecturers for the intensive course on "Urban Sustainability and Public Policy." The College of Public Affairs and the Office of International Affairs jointly offered this course, hoping to give students more opportunities to exchange ideas with international scholars.

"Field Research and Knowledge Exchange in Taiwan, Fostering Mutual Support Between Academia and Industry."
Based on Cardiff University scholars' research interests, OIA also arranged field visits to Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, the Hsinchu City government, Construction and Planning Agency, and CECI Engineering Consultants in the following days. Through the discussion between academics and institutions on issues such as Science Park and its environment and social space transformation, smart city and digital governance transformation, and regional revitalization and urban-rural development, we hope to build up a preliminary understanding of research issues between NTPU and Cardiff University scholars, and thus develop further academic cooperation between the two universities.

"Intensive Collaboration, Building International Communication Capacity."
The Cardiff University delegation's visit to Taiwan this time focuses primarily on research areas related to science parks and their transformation in terms of environment and social space, smart cities and their impact on Taiwan's digital government transformation, and the relationship between local revitalization and urban-rural development. Through on-site visits and mutual exchanges, we hope to establish an initial understanding of research topics among scholars from both universities and pave the way for deeper collaboration, further exploring the possibilities of international academic cooperation between National Taipei University and Cardiff University.
NTPU also eagerly anticipates that short-term exchanges and campus internationalization will encourage our faculty and students to engage in research and educational collaboration with overseas universities, continuously enhancing and expanding the capacity for international academic cooperation and exchanges.

Erasmus+ Funds NTPU Scholars’ Visit to Cardiff University
A group photo of National Taipei University's President, Chen-Jai Lee, with scholars from Cardiff University in the United Kingdom

Erasmus+ Funds NTPU Scholars’ Visit to Cardiff University
Cardiff University scholar visited the Department of Urban Development in Hsinchu City Government.

Erasmus+ Funds NTPU Scholars’ Visit to Cardiff University
Prof. Justin Spinney from Cardiff University lectured at National Taipei University.

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