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FICHET Advancing Taiwan-US Higher Education Ties at NAFSA 2023

FICHET Advancing Taiwan-US Higher Education Ties at NAFSA 2023

FICHET Advancing Taiwan-US Higher Education Ties at NAFSA 2023
The Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) is sending a delegation led by Mon-Chi Lio, Political Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education, to attend the NAFSA 2023 Annual Conference Expo. Taking place in Washington, D.C. from May 30 to June 2, this is a major event for fostering international dialogue on education, and FICHET is participating to advance Taiwan-US collaboration in higher education and to promote Taiwanese universities and colleges.


With a theme this year of "Inspiring an Inclusive Future,” NAFSA 2023 offers ample opportunities for impactful discussions and exchanges surrounding international education initiatives. FICHET’s delegation from Taiwan this year consists of nearly 60 people from 24 higher education institutions, and throughout the event it is highlighting its Study in Taiwan brand, which facilitates international students pursuing higher education in Taiwan. 


At an opening ceremony on the first day of the event, May 30, FICHET is inaugurating its booth with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and several VIP guests from Taiwan and the United States will be in attendance. The guests of honors include Ambassador Bi-Khim Hsiao, Ethan Rosenzweig, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Laura Rosenberger, Chair of American Institute in Taiwan, and Tomasz Rzymkowski, Polish Deputy Minister of Education and Science to grace the ceremony with their presence. 


"We are thrilled to be here at NAFSA again this year, continuing to build relationships and advance dialogue with our US higher education partners. Higher education institutions are a key pillar of a free society, and through these exchanges, Taiwan and the US are strengthening our shared values and contributing to a brighter future for our students,” said Advisor Huey-Jen Su from FICHET.

02 座談會大合照.jpg
On the second day of NAFSA, May 31, the U.S.-Taiwan Education Symposium is organized for scholarly and policy discussion. Aiming to deepen ties and foster collaboration opportunities in higher education, the Symposium is hosting around 80 representatives from the Taiwan Ministry of Education, the American Institute of Taiwan (AIT), various US-based education organizations, participating schools from Taiwan, VIPs from US universities, and Camille Dawson, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

The Symposium is taking place as part of the US -Taiwan Education Initiative, launched in December 2020, seeking to expand mutual access to educational opportunities while protecting and promoting shared values, such as intellectual freedom and innovation. Dialogue during the Symposium will focus on establishing key priorities for future cooperation and bilateral talent cultivation on three major issues: Semiconductor and STEM, international finance, and Mandarin education.

01 Taiwan Night.jpg
For more ambient interaction among educators from the US and Taiwan, FICHET is hosting a networking banquet, Taiwan Night, on the evening of May 31. This roundtable dinner will bring over 200 guests, including high-ranking officials from the Taiwan Ministry of Education, US Department of State, and Taiwan and US university representatives.

The most distinguished guest in the Taiwan Night event is Kin W. Moy, the US Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

05 Taiwan Night 表演.jpg
The evening will also feature entertainment with Taiwanese flair, including a string quartet performing traditional Taiwanese folk music, to allow all invited guests to showcase Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and experience lavish hospitality of Taiwan.

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