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1st Taiwan-Poland Higher Education Forum Expands Opportunities for Collaborations in Academic and Research

1st Taiwan-Poland Higher Education Forum Expands Opportunities for Collaborations in Academic and Research

1st Taiwan-Poland Higher Education Forum Expands Opportunities for Collaborations in Academic and Research
The first "Taiwan-Poland Higher Education Forum" was hosted by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) in Warsaw, Poland. The Forum provided valuable opportunities for high-level dialogues, deepening bilateral partnerships between Taiwanese and Polish institutions for future collaborations.

Representing Taiwan’s higher education institutions, the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) was jointly established by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and more than 100 domestic universities. The main missions of FICHET are to enhance Taiwan higher education international competitiveness, to leverage Taiwan’s advantages in academia and research, and to innovate in transnational and transdisciplinary cooperation in education. Following recent developments in bilateral diplomatic and trading relationships between Taiwan and countries in Central and Eastern Europe, FICHET is now focused on promoting international higher education exchange and academic collaboration, leading to the first Taiwan-Poland Higher Education Forum.

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Jerzy Duszynski, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS), opened the Forum by welcoming the Taiwan delegation. Political Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education Mon-Chi Lio delivered an opening address on behalf of the Taiwan delegation, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in higher education and scientific research for building close ties with technology, industry, and academic partners from different countries, thereby ensuring rapid communal response to the continually changing global situation. Ambassador Bob L. J. Chen, Representative and Head of Office from Taipei Representative Office in Poland noted the shared commitment of Taiwan and Poland to democracy, freedom, and human rights, and extolled the long-standing partnership between the two countries and their joint dedication to further developing academic exchanges and forging closer ties in higher education.

 The Forum focused on two major themes: "University governance during the COVID-19 pandemic and Taiwan-Poland higher education collaborations" and "Scientific and research collaborations between Taiwan and Poland". FICHET and NAWA invited representatives from institutions on both sides to share their experiences.
From Taiwan, participating representatives included Dr. Jing-Yang Jou, President of National Central University, Prof. Huey-Jen Jenny Su, President of National Cheng Kung University, Dr. Yuan-Ron Ma, Vice President for Administration of National Dong Hwa University, Prof. Jenn-Hwan Tarng, Senior Vice President of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, Prof. Jia-Yush Yen, President of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Dr. Yao-Ting Sung, Executive Vice President of National Taiwan Normal University, and Dr. Chieh-Hsi Wu, Vice President of Taipei Medical University. From Poland, participating representatives included Prof. Tomasz Szczepański, Rector of Silesia Medical University, Dr. Paweł Śniatała, Vice Rector for International Relations of Poznan University of Technology, Prof. Arkadiusz Mężyk, President of the President of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, Konrad Kosecki, Chief Expert of the Akces National Centre for Research and Development Ltd., Dr. Marcin Liana, Deputy Director of the National Science Center, and Jakub Kaczmarski, Deputy Director of the Research and Innovation Department from the Łukasiewicz Center.

The four-hour Forum featured dynamic and significant discussions, with both sides affirming the importance of establishing academic partnerships which create opportunities to establish forward-looking innovations and sustainable development in higher education.

Mon-Chi Lio, Political Deputy Minister from Taiwan’s Ministry of Education also led the Taiwan delegation to visit Jerzy Duszynski, President of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Dawid Kostecki, Director of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, thanking them for arranging for Ukrainian students to study in Taiwan, and also reaffirming Taiwan’s dedication to expanding future bilateral collaboration in academic research and exchange.

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