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Name: JOEY TEOH From: Malaysia Graduate From: University of Taipei Position: no/no
In 2010, working as a technician for John Tempesta’s World Tour in Kuala Lumpur

Studying Abroad in Taiwan
Joey Teoh has just graduated from the Department of Music at University of Taipei. Before coming to Taiwan, Joey already earned a music diploma from the Malaysian Institute of Art.
After graduating from the Malaysian Institute of Art, Joey hoped to enter the field of academic research. Because his mother was Taiwanese, he was familiar with Taiwanese culture, language and environment. After considering tuition, fees and living expenses, he decided to leave Malaysia and move to Taiwan, continuing his studies to earn a higher degree.


Before graduating from the Malaysian Institute of Art, Joey had worked for Malaysia’s largest musical instrument company for many years. He had been familiar with the music market, sound engineers, music artists, music industry in the ASEAN region. Due to his interest and such experiences, he decided to change his path to start working on the stage.


During his advanced studies in the Malaysian Institute of Art, he performed and recorded many albums with several famous singers. He was recognized among his peers for his diligence and professionalism. After graduation, he participated in a number of large-scale projects, including concerts, sports events and other music productions. He worked together with the Golden Horse Award finalists in film scoring, commercials and etc. Because of these experiences, he gradually shifted to work off the stage.


In the early days of working off the stage, despite the transition from commercial music to classical music production, as well as the age gap between him and his peers, Joey received recognition and praises for his hard work academically and professionally.
Based on Joey’s work and interests during his career in Malaysia, he chose to major in applied music when studying at the University of Taipei. He helped managing the university’s major symposiums and concerts, and served as a coordinator for international activities on campus, successfully promoting international exchange of Taiwanese students. He kept leading younger students as a role model for innovation and reformation. With his outstanding performance and achievements, Joey won the Mayor’s Award upon his graduation.


Future trends
Before his graduation, Joey has been admitted to the Graduate Institute of Musicology (GIM) at National Taiwan University. He decided to take this opportunity to stay in Taiwan, continue his work in music research, and move towards his goal. He believes that Taiwan is a society working hard towards internationalization and has abundant research resources. However, he has observed that some Taiwanese students have a limited global perspective and low acceptance of foreign cultures. He feels that staying here to do his research is a very wise decision. He hopes that his research results would be a useful and important resource for Taiwanese students to refer to and develop from.


Advice for students coming to Taiwan
Many international students who want to study in Taiwan may have the same question: What can I learn in Taiwan?
Joey believes that more thought-provoking questions should be “What can I bring to Taiwan?” and “What can I take from Taiwan?”
Here is his advice: acquire knowledge, enrich yourself, and pursue your career. Don’t just insist on learning from positive experiences or only care about who the teacher is. Learn from the strengths and also from weaknesses, and carefully observe and reflect on any new experiences, so as to have a balanced life and critical thinking skills as a well-developed individual.

In 2017, working as Technical Director for the first Applied Music Symposium at the University of Taipei. A picture with Eric Chen, Record Producer and Judge for the Golden Melody Awards and Eric Chen, a world-class pianist.
In 2020, receiving Mayor’s Award upon graduation.


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