NCU| Taiwan Important Milestone that Changed My Life

National Central University

Name: L. TRI WIJAYA N. KUSUMA From: Indonesia Graduate From: National Central University Position: University of Brawijaya/Executive Director of CIBAS Related Link: School Link
My Final Oral Defense with Advisor and all committee members

I selected Taiwan for my Ph.D. study primarily since NCU has eminent collaborations with my campus, Universitas Brawijaya, for admitting postgraduate students. Moreover, I recalled that several professors from NCU came to Brawijaya University to conduct direct interviews with prospective students, including me. I was awed at the ease of the process of applying as a doctoral program student. Additionally, I believe that Taiwan is developing many advanced technologies such as semiconductors, chemical engineering, agriculture, etc. Thus, I made a crucial and the right decision of going to Taiwan to pursue my Ph.D. degree after receiving admission from NCU.


I learned several things during my life at NCU, where I enrolled in a doctorate program in the department of industrial management. Personally, NCU is my second home, not only with regard to the perception of the science that I have been working on but also in relishing scrumptious food. I gained considerable knowledge related to the development of Industry 4.0, both from the academic perspective and its practical implementation in the industrial world, while studying at NCU. I also learned a lot from my advisor, Prof. Fu-Shiang Tseng, who has guided me till date. He taught me, as an academic, to never give up. He emphasizes the importance of a family, and is always considerate toward his students and their wellbeing.


During my studies, there were some moments that I cannot forget and were very memorable, where I always had the full support of my advisor. In addition, when I attended several international conferences, he fully supported us, until finally we were selected and received an award as “Best Paper and Presenter” in one of the international conferences. In another international event, with the support of my advisor, of course, I was selected as a delegate at the 2018 World Bank and IMF annual meeting. On that occasion, we sent our articles related to the research we did on the marine highway system and its impact on the Asian sea transportation system. I also had time to participate in the Yunus Prize 2019 competition held by the Yunus Social Business Center, until we got the Silver Medal in the competition.


Among other things, where I was elected as President of the Indonesian Student Association in Taiwan (PPI Taiwan). It gave me the opportunity to actively socialize and build networks in Taiwan.
During stay in Taiwan, as for the food, there are so many appetizing items that people, especially international students, will never forget. Some of these are beef noodles, Xiao Long Bao dumplings, and bubble milk tea, etc.
Thus, I hope that in the future, NCU can accept more international students to study in Taiwan, particularly from Indonesia. I would be delighted if I could help NCU secure some of my students from Indonesia.


Studying at NCU and completing my Ph.D. program in 3 years had a considerable impact on my life when I returned to Indonesia. My efforts have had a tremendous impact on my family. I am very grateful to have made my parents, my wife, and my son proud. As a lecturer at Brawijaya University, the Ph.D. degree that I received is meaningful and will assist in my progress toward becoming a Professor in the near future. After I completed my studies, armed with the knowledge and networking that I attained, I found a think-tank related to business intelligence & analytics, CIBAS (Center for Indonesia Business Analytics Studies). This is in addition to my role as an assistant professor on campus. I aim to bring young academics and practitioners together to collaborate in developing student knowledge and skills in the field of business intelligence & analytics.

Got Yunuz Prize Award 2019
Delegation on World Bank & IMF Annual Meeting 2018