NCNU as a cornerstone to my academic career

National Chi Nan University
Minh-Quang Duong

Name: Minh-Quang Duong From: Vietnam Graduate From: National Chi Nan University Position: Faculty of Education, University of Social Science and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City./Vice Dean Related Link: School Link
I lead my faculty members and students to attend the NCNU holiday school program

The reason why I choose Taiwan as a destination because it has a high academic environment, friendly people and a very suitable climate. The culture in Taiwan is similar to my country, and the beautiful sight (especially NCNU ) and the atmosphere always amaze me at unexpected instances. NCNU also attracted me with the high-quality educators (Professors and lecturers) and graduate students from developed countries (such as USA, UK, Australia …) that I may cooperate with. These incentives are the most enjoyable and worth-mention parts upon my arrival here in NCNU; furthermore, the staffs, lecturers and professors here helped a lot to reduce my anxiety entering into a foreign environment, and I am deeply appreciate of that. I also enjoyed a bilingual learning environment that I gradually learn to master the two languages, English and Chinese, during my staying here in NCNU.


Speaking of my master and Ph.D education experience here in NCNU and Taiwan, NCNU professors are very friendly so I always ask questions outside of content; therefore, I always find many good research directions for my assignments. Here are some suggestions who wish to further extend their education abroad:
1. Always complete reports and prepare questions that the professor and classmates will ask, so you must read a lot of material to explain the problem you are reporting.
2. Actively participate in the school’s foreign language classes to improve the language level
3. Never wait until the Professor to give you the question but proactively choose the issue that interests you
4. Proactively make an appointment to meet with your Professor weekly to discuss the thesis topic
5. Make friends with your classmates to help you with the learning process when the language is not really good
6. Participate in many campus activities to have a good relationship and they will know you


Tracing back to the trajectory of how NCNU shaped the man I am now, it has created the best conditions to support me in the learning process as well as completing the thesis. NCNU is the corner stone of my academic research and I continue to facilitate scientific research paper with my advisor and my team in NCNU. My appreciation to my advisor in Education Policy and administration, my classmates who accompanied me at all time, and the international affair office that hold events to enrich my life in NCNU. NCNU is not only the heart of Taiwan but the heart of scientific research to me

– NCNU helps me see, detect and solve problems in a positive, scientific ways.
– NCNU has trained me into a person with the highest passion for scientific research
– NCNU has given me the opportunity to use two foreign languages: English and Chinese
– NCNU has trained me to be a true professional for my current career


My connection to Taiwan is based upon my linkage to NCNU, and I continue to have the opportunities coming back and even bring my students for professional trainings and attending international conferences to upgrade our knowledge base.

Studying in Taiwan is the most valuable experience for me, my university provides me with the very good learning environment with fresh air, away from bustling urban area, diverse disciplines, and professors with cutting-edge and professional expertise, moderate cost of living, very good support systems for international students.

My suggestion to the future NCNU students:
1. Choose your major and the school you really like, not your family’s favorite
2. After 1 semester, you should proactively choose a Professor to guide your thesis
3. Choose a few subjects for the first semester to become familiar with the way of learning
4. Prepare a financial part to be able to live for 3 months even if you have a scholarship
5. Don’t be shy to ask for assists from department and office of international affairs, they will be so considerate at all time.

Keep hunger for knowledge and keep Taiwan as your second home

The bilateral conference we held by NCNU and HCM USSH that co-hosted by NCNU and my side.
The gorgeous view and comfortable learning environment of NCNU