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Name: LAM CHUEN From: Hong kong Graduate From: National Taiwan Normal University Position: The World of Stories, Fluxwave, A Whole New World, Hong Kong Emerging Director, Ministry of Culture certified artist/Director, drama director, performance lecturer Related Link: School Link
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Jacobus C Lam was born in Hong Kong. He obtained his Bachelor and Masters degrees in Taiwan after graduating from the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts, National Taiwan Normal University (MFA) in 2020, majoring in directing. After graduation, he decided to stay in Taiwan and started working as a director. Currently, he is serving as a director, drama director, performance lecturer, and musical teacher for “The World of Stories”, and is approved by the Ministry of Culture to work as a freelance artist. Jacobus C Lam won best director for his work on “1986” in Nan Hai theater of NTNU GIPA Musical, and won second place and the popularity award in the university’s teacher awards.


Director Lam’s dedication to the performing arts was inspired by Hong Kong dancer Andy Wong when he was 18. He moved to Taiwan in 2009 to hone his craft and began his career in Taiwan’s performance industry. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from the School of Drama, Chinese Culture University, and his Masters degree from the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts, National Taiwan Normal University, where he studied under Director Chi-Ming Liang. During his studies, he participated in various large-scale performances and productions of the schools, working as an actor, director, and choreographer. He established his craft with the experiences on stage and off stage. He further focused on directing during his graduate studies, developing the ability to construct nuanced performances on multiple levels. He further applied himself to the areas of musical and theater director, sound design, theater coordination, art director, drama and performance lecturer, etc. Besides theater productions, Director Lam also participated in the cultural exchange of International Organisation of Scenographers Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT), the visit to the International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture Prague Quadrennial (PQ), and important international theater design exhibitions. During his time in the graduate institute, he traveled to the UK with the school to perform a musical at the Edinburgh International Festival, gaining a wide range of experience.


Starting from 2014, Director Lam took his domestic and international theater experience of more than a decade and transformed it into the knowledge to be passed on. With the founder of “The World of Stories”, Shuwen Hsieh, he participated in the teachings and enlightenment of performance arts, drama therapy, and other areas. In recent years, he has been dedicated to developing the body, mind and souls of his students during theater training, combining the healing of the students with drama. The students do not only practice their skills, but also develop a deeper understanding of their own bodies, minds and souls. He has been invited multiple times to be a performance lecturer and director by schools in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and different cultural institutions. He has accumulated numerous hours of teaching experience, and even led the Shanghai Youth Group to the UK to perform in the “Obsessed” musical tour. Director Lam’s experience spans many countries and several regions. Director Lam has enjoyed diverse success in the performing arts. Not only has he excelled professionally, he has also made large contributions to the promotion, education, and legacy of the arts. Recently, due to the pandemic, he has organized the “Improving Oneself at Home” series of free online courses, which has gained praise from the public. Besides working as a theater director, Jacobus C Lam is also working in video creation, expanding his work out of the theater.


Besides working as a theater director, Jacobus C Lam is also working in video creation, expanding his work out of the theater.

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