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National Sun Yat-sen University
Alexandre Mimault

Name: Alexandre Mimault From: France Graduate From: National Sun Yat-sen University Position: Carrefour Taiwan/Financial controller for e-commerce and marketing
Alexandre (the second one from left) got along well with classmates

Currently, as a financial controller for e-commerce and marketing in Carrefour Taiwan, Alexandre Mimault summarized his journey in Taiwan: “An amazing experience that made me grow.”


Alexandre Mimault, a student of Master in Management from ESSCA Management School in Angers, France, obtained an opportunity to pursue a double-degree program at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU). “I think it will add value to my resume if I plan to work abroad and develop my career internationally later,” said Alexandre. “I chose Taiwan because I want to learn Mandarin, and the previous students from ESSCA who spent a year at NSYSU all enthusiastically recommended me to come, so that’s why I am here!”Without much hesitation, Alexandre applied for admission to the IBMBA program at NSYSU and started his wonderful experience in Taiwan.


Explore and Discover Taiwan
During his MBA program at NSYSU, Alexandre remembered that he was deeply impressed by the professors’ teaching methods. “Professors always combine academic research insights with concrete professional examples through case studies, field trips, guest speakers, and company projects, to help international students understand more about the business environment in Taiwan.” Alexandre recalled. “Besides, I got to know Taiwanese people and realized how hospitable they are to people who are willing to discover their country and culture. This makes me enjoy living here more.”


After Alexandre finished his double-degree MBA program at NSYSU, he returned to France and started an internship at Carrefour Group as an internal auditor. When asked what brought him back to Taiwan, Alexandre smiled and replied, “Following this internship, my manager recommended me to stay in Carrefour, and I discussed with the human resources department about the job opportunities, that’s how I heard about an open finance position in Carrefour Taiwan.” Not too long after, he got the job and came back to Taiwan. The experiences of studying in Taiwan helped Alexandre better understand the Taiwanese work culture and quickly integrate into the local working environment. He enjoys interacting with Taiwanese people in both personal and professional occasions.


From his experience at NSYSU and his career so far in Taiwan, Alexandre learned that Taiwanese people might be less direct than French people when making decisions. “It was confusing for me at first, and I thought it would make decision-making processes much longer,” Alexandre shared. “But I got used to it now, and it helped me to become more open-minded and develop my adaption skills to think differently.”


For international students considering coming to Taiwan for higher education, Alexandre pointed out the following three advantages of studying in Taiwan: the impressive life quality in Taiwan, the kindness of Taiwanese people, and the location of Taiwan, which is at the center of Asia’s growing economy. “I would say,” concluded Alexandre, “the experiences I had in Taiwan truly enrich my life, and I look forward to meeting more opportunities in the future.”

Alexandre Mimault
Alexandre currently works for Carrefour Taiwan


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