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Jaishree & Jennifer

Name: Jaishree & Jennifer From: India Graduate From: National Ilan University Position: R&D hardware 以及 Everday Technologies/engineer
Jaishree & Jennifer take picture with classmates

Jaishree comes from South India. She has been living in Taiwan for 4 years.
National Ilan University offered her with scholarship to support her studies here. Besides, her part-time working experience enabled her to enjoy local life. Jaishree thinks her decision to move to Taiwan was the best choice she has made. She has experienced many things in Taiwan, including industrial internship and the beauty of this island.



After graduation, she chooses to work in Taiwan, and currently, she’s working at the R&D hardware as an engineer. she thinks the work experience gave her the opportunity to put her theoretical skills into practice and it gave her the chance to communicate with people from different countries and exchange ideas with them. She got to travel around the globe as part of her work, giving expanding her horizon to realize her dreams. She got her best Taiwanese friends here and cultural difference was never a barrier for her. That is why when people ask her the reason for falling in love with Taiwan, She would definitely say“You need to experience it to value it, because it is just totally worth it”.



Jennifer also comes from India; She thinks studying in Taiwan is challenging and has made her grow a lot. Choosing to study at National Ilan University is one of the best decisions she has ever made. Taiwan’s education taught her a lot of things. She was confronted with lots of challenges, which has made her progress forward. It was indeed a gateway for her to discover many hidden talents in her life. Studying in Yilan enabled her to know more about the culture and people. Jennifer said, “Along the course of my study, everyone helped me and guided me, and the professors created a beautiful platform through which I was able to discover the treasure trove of the research world. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of their team. They helped me get rooted in our fields, which indeed promised a bright future. My classmates and friends were so helpful and kind. We were able to have fun, to study together, and to engage in thrilling activities, and the last but not least, to discover Taiwan. ”Jennifer has visited many countries, but none of which gave her the love and hospitality she received in Taiwan. Every moment of her four years in Taiwan is worth it.


Jennifer was working as an Embedded Engineer at American Megatrends Inc and is now currently employed in Everday Technologies with the same position. “Both places have given me the skills to develop. I am very grateful that my seeds have been nurtured in the right country. Through every challenge and task, my skills are growing more than I have expected. Being in Taiwan is the best decision in my life. I am so proud to be part of Taiwan! ”said Jennifer.

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