National Chiayi University


Invited by Taiwan Tourism Board as a speaker to present the Taiwan tourism resources to India travel agent at Mumbai, India.

I’m Ngan Kok Lim, a Malaysian. Seven years ago, I came to Taiwan for post-graduate study, major in Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Management in National Chiayi University. It was a simple intention that I would like to study aboad after my degree studies. So I worked for two years to prepare for the fund. At that period of time, my parents thought I was just going to study in Malaysia. I’m lucky that successfully taken by NCYU and when I told my parents that I’m going to study abroad in Taiwan, my father was angry and scolded me. After a period of conversation, finally I got their support. So, I started my life in Taiwan in the summer of 2013.


The second luckiest thing in Taiwan was met Ms Johui-Lin as my prof. Before my graduation, she recommended me to Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association for an interview and was successfully admitted. She said: “Let’s graduate on time.” I was graduated with the highest score and I moved to Yilan immediately, and started a new life that I had never thought of.


I was an international marketing secretary in Taiwan Leisure Agriculture Development Association, mainly take care for Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries that needed to communicate in English and other languages. It’s very interesting that as a Malaysian, I represent Taiwan to share the beauty of Taiwan’s agricultural tourism to the world. Instead of promoting abroad, I also responsible to guide the foreign media to visit farms in Taiwan, so I met farmers and listened their stories, and only realized that the success for Taiwan’s agricultural wasn’t taken for granted, it’s because of the efforts and persistence of farmers. So, I share their stories in 14 countries, 21 cities. I hope that foreign tourist come to Taiwan, they can also visit the farm to experience the beauty of Taiwan. This job also brought me connected with the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, By chance, I was invited by ex-director TTB Singapore office Mr. Arthur Hsieh to serve as a speaker for an event in India. We worked together to design a series of Taiwan tourism resource courses and the event was successful.


Four years later, I got a new job opportunity from Genting Cruise Lines (GCL), I decided to step out of the comfort zone and looking forward for more challenging work. As a newbie in cruise industry, it was really challenging. I handled two travel exhibitions and two press conferences in the first month of my employment! Of course, I also have to plan the theme cruise marketing and partnership activities with different industries, so I got more opportunities to cruising for event purpose. Thanks to my past work for me to have a certain understanding of Taiwan’s culture, using the theme of localization to integrate with cruises, so that the cruises event will be closer and acceptable for the Taiwan market. The most impressive event since I came to position is the celebration of the first year of Taiwan gay marriage, and I held an love is equal wedding on the cruise. The event also received a very good response!
My friends love to ask me, did you decide to stay permanently in Taiwan? At this stage, I really enjoy and appreciate the moment in Taiwan. I don’t know what will happen in the future but I don’t resist any opportunities. Thank you for everything that I met in Taiwan!

Have been to 14 countries 21 cities to share the beauty of Taiwan Agro Tourism.
Execute Genting Cruise Line marketing event in Taiwan.


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