Loh Man Hwa, Outstanding graduate of MingDao University|Full of Surprises on Entrepreneurial Activities

MingDao University
Loh Man Hwa

Name: Loh Man Hwa From: Malaysia Graduate From: MingDao University Position: Shen Digital Technology/Founder, PM, UI & Graphic Designer
In 2015, Loh Man Hwa holds R&D position in biotechnology company.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Rena Loh grew up with supportive parents. At a young age, her parents encouraged her to venture to different places, to see the world, and gain experience. After graduating from high school, she left Malaysia to study at Ming Dao University in Taiwan. She graduated from the university in 2015 and obtained a university degree in the Department of Biotechnology.



Biotech company experience
After graduating from MingDao University, Rena Loh first worked in the research and development department at a biotechnology company. With her Malaysian background, her language skills quickly became a valuable asset. She was then promoted by the company in 2017 as an international business and brand manager.

During this period, she visited countless countries for her work, including Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Germany, Austria, Turkey, and Poland. On these business trips she was immersed in a vast array of different sceneries; from prosperous cities to beautiful countryside villages, from snow covered grounds to hot summers, all which captivated her deeply. As brand manager, she learned to make products from scratch, as well as the concepts of product marketing and packaging, and how to collaborate with major companies.



Surprising road to entrepreneurship
Rena has always had an entrepreneurial dream. In 2019, she resigned from the biotechnology company and took her first entrepreneurial steps in life. It was indeed a very big challenge for her to start her own business.

Rena deeply missed the food from her home country, and opened a Malaysian restaurant in Taiwan. The road to entrepreneurship is paved with hardship. From finding locations, developing dishes, conceiving menus, arranging storefronts, and cultivating styles, she managed to single-handily accomplish it all. She used her past learning and experience to create the restaurant she imagined, and found all she had learned, even when looking for ingredients, meal preparation, targeting customers and marketing all worked in her favor.

After having experience in the restaurant industry, in 2020, she stepped out of her comfort zone and founded a digital technology company with her partner. The size of the company has grown from 2 people to a team of 7 people. Rena made good use of her experiences and spared no effort to continue to expand the company. Finally in 2021, she obtained her permanent residence permit in Taiwan and also bought her own house in Tainan.



Do not exclude any field of work, grasp every learning opportunity
During her entrepreneurial journey, Rena met people from all walks of life and allowed her to accumulate a lot of rich experience. She encourages all underclassmen: “If you have not found your own direction and are still confused about the future, when you have the opportunity to come into contact with work in different fields, don’t be afraid or shy from it, because this may very well be your chance to break the limits, reach the sky.”

In 2018, Rena's teaching experience for Germany subsidiary drugstore pharmacists.
In 2019, Starting a Malaysian restaurant opening ceremony