Chung Yuan Christian University-My Starting Point to Reach the World

Chung Yuan Christian University
Ooi Woan Lin

Name: Ooi Woan Lin From: Malaysia Graduate From: Chung Yuan Christian University Position: Chung Yuan Christian University/Project Coordinator Related Link: School Link
Feeding animals in the spare time while volunteering in Thailand Safari Zoo.

I always dream about study abroad to experience different cultures, to explore the world and to become independent since I was a child, this dream seemed far from me until I graduated from high school and decided to take my first step. After considered among several countries and dealing with family members, I decided to leave my hometown and chose Taiwan to study abroad.


Taiwan not only has a good reputation in education, its education fee, scholarship and culture are also the reasons that attracted me. Even though study abroad was not always easy and fancy, but I never regretted with this choice, because I gained more than I expected, and CYCU also provided many chances for me to discover and enrich myself, and made my college life more valuable.


Study Not the Only Life

To balance my life in college, I actively attended extracurricular activities and threw myself into studying at the same time. I am so grateful that I graduated with a GPA higher than 3.9, additionally received an academic excellence award and scholarship every semester. In the meanwhile, I was the president of the International Student Association and joined volunteer activities. My life is busy but I enjoyed it, these experiences let me won the “Holistic Achievement Award” when I graduated from CYCU, which is only 10 graduating students will be awarded every year.


Moreover, Taiwan is my starting point to reach the world, as the president of International Student Association, worked in International Summer Camp and became an international student ambassador, I had a lot of chances to meet people from all over the world. Furthermore, the school also provided many opportunities for students to travel abroad, I visited Thailand and South Korea with these opportunities and those journeys gave me unforgettable memories.


Travel Abroad Experiences

In my sophomore year, I attended the “Gap Year Project” competition which was supporting students to do something meaningful in Southeast Asia. As an animal lover, getting close and taking care of wild animals are always in my bucket list, so I gave it a try with the proposal of attending a volunteer project at a safari zoo in Thailand. To make myself more compatible, I not only put a lot of effort into my proposal, but also did a lot of actual action such a doing researches and contacting volunteer organizations. After I received the announcement that I won this competition, I felt very excited and looking forward to my upcoming journey. I felt very thankful and lucky that I had this chance to join this program, I met many volunteers from all over the world and shared our thoughts in animal conservation, I also experienced local culture and understood the concept of responsible travel.


Before I graduated from college, I had another chance to travel abroad by attending an exchange program in Jeju National University, which is located at Jeju Island, South Korea. Study abroad in Korea is a very interesting and precious experience for me, I enjoyed getting familiar with a new language and culture. Moreover, I met one of my best friends who is a Japanese girl, our friendship started with using translation tools to communicate when we first met. After the exchange program, I have more confidence in learning a new language and living in a foreign country, I was very happy that I could communicate with the locals with their language now, and met many amazing friends there.


Never Try, Never Know

Universities in Taiwan have many resources for students, as long as you are brave enough to grab the chance and work for it. If you never try, you will never know, everything is impossible until you are willing to try it and start working on it. University is not a place that only provides academic training, but also a place to discover ourselves, to teach us to become a better person and to connect to the society.


Due to my experiences in college, I found out that I like to immerse myself into different cultures and to meet different people from various backgrounds. With these reasons, I decided to work in the Office of International and Cross-Strait Education and meanwhile pursuing my master’s degree.

Cultural trip with the classmates from Korean Language Course while I exchange in Jeju Island, South Korea.
Farewell with American friend after the end of International Summer Program.