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Sih Wai Keat

Name: Sih Wai Keat From: Malaysia Graduate From: Chung Chou University of Science and Technology Position: Ding Tai Fung/Front of house server
I used to be a shy person, through continuous experimentation, I gradually became an outgoing person. I got acquainted with more people and things and began to determine my life's future direction. After graduation, I continued to work in this beautiful land, Taiwan. In the process of catering services, I learned the importance of persistence and independent learning. If I want to be different in the workplace, I need to make my abilities more valuable.

I am Eric, from a country full of cultural characteristics, Malaysia. I used to be a student reporter and a member of a choir. Through music and off-campus activities, I became more independent. That’s one of the reasons, that after graduating from high school, I decided to go abroad to study alone. Taiwan is my first country to go abroad, and I am curious about this place. In the past, I could only see everything in Taiwan through TV. I didn’t understand how to write my own life story until I really stepped into this land.


When I was 18, I came to Yuanlin, Changhua, and opened my first goal in life, which is to experience a different life. I am a person who likes to constantly challenge myself, I believe that only by trying can I truly make the right choice. I still remember one morning of a summer break in Taiwan, I suddenly challenge myself by searching one of my Taiwanese friend’s house, remembering that one night, a classmate from Taiwan once rode a motorcycle and took me to his home. I gave myself a goal this morning. I must find his home by a day. So I borrowed the bicycle from the dormitory and started a day trip. I circled the alleys in the countryside, relying on my impression of the rush at night, and walked around countless alleys during the day. Keeping a lot of sweat, I kept searching from morning to evening, my body was getting exhausted. Just when I was about to give up, I passed a familiar alley, I stopped my bicycle and walked in. The house I have been looking for is here, this is an unforgettable moment in my life. I took this scene with his mobile phone and turned around and left. This experience surprised me very much, I was almost wasted by the idea of giving up and wasted my whole day’s efforts. Fortunately, my heart has not given up so that I can finish the day at the last moment. The goal, it turns out that miracles will really happen.


I graduated from Chung Chou University of Science and Technology in the Department of Culinary Arts. I have a Level C license for professional western food, bakery, and Chinese pasta processing. I also represented the university for an internship in a hotel in Bangkok for two months in summer break. Through the resources of the university, I have not only improved I have a lot of memories of my own cooking skills, especially during my internship in Thailand, I really understand how important it is to have a worldview vision. I am currently working in Din Tai Fung Food and Beverage Group as a catering service specialist. In fact, serving guests is not only a responsibility but also a way to accumulate stories. Every day, I face different guests, even guests from different cultures from different countries. A day’s work is a learning and a story for me. I like to record life. Through painting, photography, and music, I also got awards for singing and photography in college. After graduating, I also began to learn painting and started my own painting life, so in addition to work, I left many works on the free land of Taiwan. Learning to enhance the value of my life has become daily life. I feel that life is like a storybook, we never know what the ending of this storybook will be, but we can decide how this storybook will continue to develop.

I never change easily, but I will never stay the same either. In Taiwan, I learned how to make myself different, especially in a reality like a workplace. This is my most meaningful story, coming to Din Tai Fung to serve has always been my goal, and unfortunately that I failed the first interview that I tried. But I never gave up on this goal, one year later, I tried Din Tai Fung again and finally succeeded in the second trial.
Self-learning is the most important thing that I have realized in Taiwan. In my daily life, whether I have continued to cultivate my interests and learning goals is a way to examine myself and enhance my competitiveness. Even if it is usually just for hobbies, learning painting and photography, in fact, one day in the workplace will definitely be useful. Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared and those who can grasp at any time. No matter how big the stage is, you will always be an audience if you never play.