An Interview with an Outstanding National Taitung University Alumna

National Taitung University

Name: VU DIEP KHANH From: Vietnam Graduate From: National Taitung University Position: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company,Ltd(TSMC)/Supervisor of Bumping Manufacturing Department
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Wu Yeqing was accepted to the Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, however her enthusiasm for learning Chinese and a deep interest in Taiwanese culture drew her gaze to National Taitung University (NTTU) in Taiwan. She discovered that NTTU also has an Asset Management Department and decided to decline her acceptance in Vietnam and chose to go abroad for further study. Because of this, Yeqing now has a close connection with NTTU and has tied her future to Taiwan.


Yeqing believes that she learned a variety of skills while studying in Taiwan. The courses are taught in Chinese and her Chinese greatly improved. In terms of structure, most courses allow students to discuss and learn in groups, thus quickly improving their Chinese ability while also training communication skills and the mutual delegation of tasks. This group work benefited her to a significant degree because this kind of cooperation produced results and proved to be highly efficient.


Yeqing studied diligently while she attended NTTU. For almost every semester she placed among the top three ranks in her class resulting in NTTU granting multiple scholarships. Consequently, she was accepted to National Cheng Kung University’s Research Institute on account of her outstanding grades and Bachelor’s thesis. During her second semester of her first year of graduate school she had already begun to prepare her Master’s thesis and completed her degree requirements a semester early. Within two years she had satisfied the necessary requirements for her Master’s degree. In addition to her studies, she actively participated in her university’s clubs and the Vietnamese Student Association. In this way, even though she was an international student, she made friends with many Vietnamese students which provided a support network.


After graduation, Yeqing continued to live in Taiwan because of Taiwan’s many development opportunities and her trust in the efficiency of the local public institutions, which she believed would meaningfully help her own career. After her years of hard work, she obtained a position at TSMC where she is responsible for managing production line personnel to optimize output, writing programs to streamline production line operations, and serving as a liaison between departments. When she started her studies she never imagined she could join TSMC, but by setting up a series of personal goals at each stage of her life, drawing up plans, and gradually making progress she was able to do so. All of these achievements are also a result of her unremitting learning attitude.


To those who plan on coming to Taiwan or already in Taiwan, Yeqing urges students, in addition to studying hard, to participate in club activities in your spare time. This involvement will expand your social circle while training your communication and leadership skills. Allow yourself to cultivate extracurricular interests such as: sports, mountain climbing, baking, music, etc. to help you relax and maintain a healthy state of mind when facing the pressures of study or work. Lastly, she would like to mention that she was willing to commit enough time and sincere effort, and in this way, all was overcome.

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