Education connects you to happiness– A six years reverie studying in Taiwan

National Chi Nan University

Name: TS Ng From: Malaysia Graduate From: National Chi Nan University Position: Further Stuty Intelligence/Director Related Link: School Link receives numerous invitations from magazines, newspapers, radio stations, and other media to share the further study information. Director Ng was interviewed by Malaysia Television 8TV.

Born in the less advanced and less open society in Malaysia, education in Malaysia provides me the solid fundamental knowledge during my primary and secondary education; however, I was so confused by enormous inequalities that exist in society. I went to the United States for tertiary education major in communication and the four years in the United States blow my mind and horizon that pretty much answer my confuses in my youth time; moreover, the time in the USA incepted the sprout for my future career in the field of Education.


1997 when Asian economic crises damaged the world, Malaysia was no exception. In 1998, the current hard leader vice PM Anwar Ibrahim was sentenced by Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad with the charge of Sodomy law and lost his position. The series of chaos and turmoil inspired me with the idea of “Do something to the society”; therefore, I quitted my stable job and started my path of starting up without hesitation at the age of 28.


Considering my personality, the active political movement is not one of my niches, and I have a strong belief that education is the pathway to connect people to happiness. I established “Further Study Studio” (now called Further Study Intelligence); furthermore, with supports from friends in cultural and educational fields, I started the “FSI magazine” and website ( and toured the education fair and career planning suggestions for secondary education students all over Malaysia for over decades. It was my hard efforts and restless cultivations that bring my career to the stable trajectory and being recognized by the mass society—the services and products of “FSI” became the reliable educational sources for Malaysian students to choose their college destination.


Where’s my next decade? Malaysian Mandarin Education movement leader Mr. Bock Tai-Hee (莫泰熙) reminds me of striving for another ten years at least. July 2009, I had the opportunity to meet with National Chi Nan University Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor Hsiao Wen during higher education expo in Kuala Lumpur, Prof. Hsiao’s mentioning about Graduate Institute of Adult Education awakened my dream when I served in United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia,UCSCAM—Adult education planning; the words from Prof. Hsiao encouraged me and my wife to advance our education in Taiwan’s graduate institute.


Me, my wife and three lovely kids started our learning journey since August 2010. My 10 years of belated graduate education due to family and business urged me to be even hungrier for knowledge, for courses, and seize every feast of learning. The country I was born didn’t provide us enough knowledge with continuing education and adult education teaching, so I am grateful for everything I learned at NCNU; more importantly, all the nutrition I obtained from Taiwan have fully helped my future life and career ever since. I recalled my professor Wu Ming-Lieh once told me: “Learning is harvest!!” Through all the courses taking, thesis drafting, ideas sharing, indeed I harvest so much than I expected. It might be too long for others to complete a master’s degree for 6 years; however, I had enjoyed the moderate pace to the beautiful learning overture I co-composed with my learning, working, and family in Taiwan.


Recalling my studying at NCNU, enlightened my knowledge for adult education, lifelong learning, organizational learning, knowledge management, and many perspectives. Though I temporarily suspended two years, I remain to stay and reside in Taiwan for attending conferences. All the journeys are the nutrition that enriches my studying with joy and achievements.


Comparing with the education and learning environment in Malaysia, in my opinion, the education resources and environments in Taiwan are far more advanced than in my country. It teaches me the attitudes of “learning from everyone, everywhere, anytime and everything,” also, the decent pedagogical methods and attitudes from my professors and advisor reshaped my diligence and persistence at work, at learning, and at the benchmarking pattern, I guide my co-workers and staffs. The vibrant learning partners, learning environment at National Chi Nan University urged me to learn a younger life. I have no doubt about my decision to attend the Graduate Institute of Adult and Continuing Education, it’s not only a wise choice of my life but also it bridges me to a steadfast path on an “Education connect you to happiness” with more patience and passion as a lifelong career. Thanks to NCNU.

2019, FSI Director Ng toured at Yu Hua Kajang secondary school sharing information about Technological and Vocational Education
2012 when Director Ng graduated from NCNU, a group photo with Prof. Hsia wan-rung, Prof. Lai hung-gi, Prof. Wu ming-lieh and Prof. Tsai yi-chun from Graduate Institute of Adult and continuing education.


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