Shih Hsin University-The 2019 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion, Shih Hsin Malaysian Alumni LEONG Tuck-fai’s Amphibian Life was Nominated

Shih Hsin University
LEONG Tuck-fai

Name: LEONG Tuck-fai From: Malaysia Graduate From: Shih Hsin University Position: Movie Industry/Movie Director
LEONG Tuck-fai’s film I Love M.U.M was nominated in several film festivals. This year, his new feature, Amphibian Life, is nominated in The 2019 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion.

The 2019 Golden Horse Film Project Promotion (FPP) has received 382 film proposals from 15 countries and areas, and 40 applications have been nominated in the end. Among them, there were 3 Malaysian proposals nominated, including Amphibian Life directed by LEONG Tuck-fai, Hilang by Kyo CHEN and Cul De Sac by Sky GAN Yu-long. LEONG Tuck-fai is the alumni from the graduate school of the Department of Radio, Television and Film, Shih Hsin University.

LEONG Tuck-fai is the alumni from the Graduate School of Radio, Television and Film, Shih Hsin University. His graduate work, I Love M.U.M, won several nominations in international film festivals. His new movie, Amphibian Life, is focus on migrant workers. He joined Sin Chew Daily’s interview and stated with joy: “I am inspired. This is my first time to be nominated by FPP and it also is another feature after I Love M.U.M”. LEONG Tuck-fai is from Bandaraya Bahru, Malaysia, whose parents once worked in Singapore, which brought his idea of seeking the sense of identity of Malaysian workers as well as migrant workers in Malaysia.


Not a math fan, but set foot on the movie journey by teacher’s encouragement.

LEONG Tuck-fai did not dream to become a director. After graduating from high school, he did not have any idea in pursuing higher education. However, owing to having a similar interest with a girl and being encouraged by his mother, he chose to study communications.

He pointed that during his study in mass communications, he had the opportunity to learn about photography and film making, which brought his interest in shooting. “ I don’t like math. Photography and filming do not need to do math and with the encouragement by the teacher, it pushed me to go further on this journey.”

Before studying in Taiwan, LEONG Tuck-fai worked in a television program production company. With that internship experience, he made his decision to become a movie director. “ Back then, there was an Executive Producer asking me which position I would like to take? I responded “Director” without a second thought and said I admired Ang-Lee the most. However, the Executive Producer treated him harshly.


Paying tribute to Ang-Lee, studying in Shih Hsin makes his dream come true.

LEONG Tuck-fai did not take it, but made up his mind to take the journey to become a movie director and wish that one day the Executive Producer would be able to see his success. To broaden his horizon and to prove his ability, LEONG Tuck-fai passed the examination of the dual degree program and came to Taiwan to study at the Department of Radio, Television and Film in Shih Hsin University. After graduation, he went back to Malaysia for work, but he was in the rut for two years. To enhance his ability, he came back to Shih Hsin University to study the Graduate School of the Department of Radio, Television and Film in 2010. Bringing back the memories in Shih Hsin University, LEONG Tuck-fai expressed that the solid training and things he learned in college really help a lot in his career and work.


While his study in Shih Hsin University, LEONG Tuck-fai was laid the solid foundation of training, which has brought him a lot of cases from the industry. When mentioning of Shih Hsin University, he is always proud to be one of the alumni. “ No matter where I am working for, all the alumni of Shih Hsin will take care of each other; when I attend film festivals or have academic exchanges, people are always nice to me if they know I come from Shih Hsin University.

LEONG Tuck-fai, a former vice chairman of Shih Hsin University Alumni Association Malaysia Chapter, had been devoted himself to the association work. He would always showed up to promote Shih Hsin University when there were University Expos every year in Malaysia. He hopes that the excellent teaching of Shih Hsin University would nurture more talents and he will persist in film production.

In LEONG Tuck-fai’s Amphibian Life, he describes people who go back and forth every day between Malaysia and Singapore as amphibians. They adjust themselves to adapt to the working and living environment. They would get lost in their live if they don’t pay attention to it.
LEONG Tuck-fai did his best in devoting himself to alumni association. He always shows up in the University Expo to promote Shih Hsin University.