Kainan University- Language and cultural study activities at partner schools in Japan

Kainan University
Language and cultural study activities at partner schools in Japan

Country:Japan Partner:Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Ochanomizu University, Kindai University, and other 53 schools. Type of Cooperation: Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Since:2001 Related Link: School Link

Case Feature

  • Invite partner school students to come to Taiwan to participate in the Chinese, English and Taiwanese culture summer seminar. In addition to language learning, they can also experience and understand the Taiwanese culture.
  • Cross-cultural course: Let our students attend and experience a week-long Japanese course, communicate with Japanese students and participate in cultural events in Japan
  • Promote overseas studies and encourage active language learning. Exchange students sent to Japan can guide the Japanese students who would like to come to Taiwan, resulting to mutual growth and development
The Office of the General Affairs Minister Seko Ishihiro of Kindai University (currently, the Director of Business Strategy Division) delivered a speech at the university

Our school has made a tremendous effort in promoting international relations and has successfully signed partnerships to over one hundred sixty-seven (167) schools in twenty-four (24) different countries world-wide. However, we have made an exceptional achievement in expanding our connections in Japan that reached to 53 partner schools, which ranks us as the top among private schools. The use of the online platform helped us to continue bridging communication and development, despite of the barriers and challenges caused by the current epidemic. Furthermore, we were able to structure and establish dual degree programs and internship programs, which would calibrate students into becoming globally-competitive. Since 2017, we have systematically sent our local teachers overseas for school visits. Apart from monitoring the exchange students’ welfare, it also strengthens the ties with our partner school administrations.


Every August, the International and Cross-Strait Affairs Office will hold a 15-day Chinese, English and Taiwanese culture seminar. The participants of this seminar will be students from our partner schools in Japan. Students can choose from the Chinese and English courses provided. And, most importantly, they will also have the chance to deepen their understanding of the Taiwanese culture by visiting Taiwan’s famous museums and attractions along with Taiwanese students. This manner promotes bilingual communication and inter-cultural interaction.


A 9-day cross-cultural course is being held every December, in cooperation with our Japanese partner school. This gives a preview on the standards and the academic culture of a Japanese class to our interested students which would encourage them to pursue their studies abroad, and would serve as a starting point for overseas academic career guidance.


Other than assessing students’ Japanese language proficiency, this course will also help students to decide whether they are capable in adapting the Japanese environment or not.


Every year, professors from our partner schools in Japan are invited to conduct a 7-day intensive lecture. This lecture will cover the field of Japanese culture, language, and music analysis to enhance our local students’ foreign knowledge.


1-Year Exchange Study Program
The exchange study program holds an annual qualifying test for students who aspire to take the program. Before the test, two briefing sessions will be held to discuss the by-laws of the exchange program. Former exchange students will also be invited to share their experiences, and impart knowledge during their stay in Japan. After passing the qualifications test, students will undergo a pre-departure briefing to talk about the procedure and the requirements needed to be completed prior to the exchange. The briefing will also cover matters concerning the necessary amount of finances to sustain the students’ academic and lifestyle needs within the exchange study period.


By doing the exchange study in Japan, students are able to experience the Japanese local way of teaching, their lifestyle. This would also be an excellent avenue for students to discover more of their capabilities, and expand their horizon by way of interacting with the international community.

Cross-cultural study at Ehime University
A group photo of the students participating in the International Cultural Festival. During this event, international students introduce their hometown’s culture and cuisine, and interact with Taiwanese students as well as with their fellow foreign students.