University of Taipei – Promoting Diversified International Activities through an Anniversary Celebration as a Starting Point

University of Taipei
-Promoting Diversified International Activities through an Anniversary Celebration as a Starting Point

Country:USA、Japan、Sweden、Italy、Czech Republic、China Partner:Georgia College & State University, USA; Indiana University of Pennsylvania, USA; Hokkaido University of Education, Japan; Halmstad University, Sweden; University of Rome “Foro Italico,” Italy; Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic; Shanghai University, China; Nanjing University, China Type of Cooperation: International Exchanges Since:2018

Case Feature

  • International Symposium on Globalization and Higher Education--Presidential Forum
  • Lectures for faculty and students
  • A student's oil painting received recognition and encouragement
In 2018, a Visit of Hokkaido University of Education to the Department of English Instruction at the University of Taipei

Founded in 1895, the University of Taipei is the oldest higher education institution in Taiwan. The University of Taipei was established by merging two universities, Taipei Municipal University of Education and Taipei Physical Education College. Since the merging, the university has aimed to be a world-class comprehensive university and continue to attract top students.


In order to further promote the university, we have actively participated in international conferences, education exhibitions, and exchanges with universities around the world for the past few years. We have strengthened and promoted our international image and diversified learning environment. We hope to develop students’ global perspective and to be in line with international standards, helping students with their future careers.


In 2018, the University of Taipei invited some Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deans of the Office of International Affairs of our partner universities to come to Taiwan to join the celebration of the 123rd anniversary. The celebration events included a symposium entitled “International Symposium on Strategies of Internalization in Higher Education.” Another symposium, “International Symposium on Globalization and Higher Education,” was held in 2019. The symposiums provided an opportunity for our distinguished guests from the partner institutions to discuss and present their perspectives on higher education. Presenters include Prof. Haruo Jaana, President of Hokkaido University of Education, giving a presentation on “Educational Leadership in a Global Context,” and Prof. Costas Spirou, Vice President of the Georgia College & State University, giving a presentation on “Globalization and the Role of the Liberal Arts in Higher Education.”


In 2018, the university invited the faculty of several departments to join in the discussion. In 2019, the university invited students as well as the faculty, hoping to further strengthen internationalization of the university.


Other than the symposium, the university held seminars based on expertise of the invited guests and the faculty of UT. Prof. Oga Kyoko from Hokkaido University of Education gave a presentation on “English Education in Hokkaido University of Education,” and Prof. Timothy S. Moerland, Vice President of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, gave a talk on “International Cooperation in Nature Science.” The university also invited the distinguished guests to provide other lectures. Department tours were arranged by students and professors of their respective department and meetings regarding the possibilities of dual-degree programs, study abroad programs and other related activities were held. These interactions provided opportunities for our students to develop global perspectives.


In 2018, during the visit to the Department of Visual Arts, Prof. Steve M. Dorman, President of the Georgia College & State University, showed interest in an oil painting painted by one of the students in the department. The student introduced the artwork to the President. His presentation and the artwork received the President’s recognition and encouragement. The artwork was then purchased and placed in the Office of President at Georgia College & State University. In addition, during the anniversary celebration, the diverse handcrafted products designed by the students of the visual arts department were also popular among guests of our partner universities. The events increased the interaction not only among professors, but also between students and professors.


The guests visiting for the anniversary of the University of Taipei include presidents and deans from Hokkaido University of Education in Japan, Georgia College and State University in the United States, Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the United States, Halmstad University in Sweden, University of Rome “Foro Italico” in Italy, Technical University of Liberec in Czech Republic, Shanghai University in China, and Nanjing University in China. The anniversary was attended by 30 distinguished guests from the above universities.

2018 Presidential Forum
A group photo of the professors from Georgia College & State University with the oil paintings by Zhu from UT.