Hand in Hand for a Win-Win Future: International Collaborations between Ming Chi University of Technology and the University of Cincinnati

Ming Chi University of Technology
Hand in Hand for a Win-Win Future: International Collaborations between Ming Chi University of Technology and the University of Cincinnati

Country:The United States of America Partner:The University of Cincinnati Type of Cooperation: Joint Dual-Degree Program Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Since:2016

Case Feature

  • Partnership between MCUT and UC for Mutual Benefits
  • The Cooperative Program of Double Master’s Degrees Broadening the International Vision of Students and Opening the Gate to Internship Opportunities in the States
  • The Overseas Industrial Practical Seminar and Service Project for Faculty Members Strengthening Their Instructional Skills with the Latest Global Trends
The Visit of Provost Cherng-Min Ma and Director Winnie Li of the Center of International Affairs to students participating in the program at the University of Cincinnati

In 2016, Ming Chi University of Technology established a partnership and signed an agreement with the University of Cincinnati to cooperate on the program of double master’s degrees targeted towards students of engineering-related majors. This means that students are able to take classes at both MCUT and UC to earn two master’s degrees within the span of just two years. This move has gradually become a popular goal pursued by the MCUT students.
The University of Cincinnati (UC) is a public university located in the State of Ohio, USA; the university has been cultivating many talented individuals throughout its 200-year history. According to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report, the University of Cincinnati is ranked 196th in global universities. The partnership between MCUT and UC helps students open doors to the world through solid education from both universities; additionally, this will allow the MCUT students to visit and study in the States when they are still young.
As a student who completed the program, Chen Yi-Hung expressed his gratitude for the help that MCUT gave him in arranging and assisting him to complete his university and graduate studies, earning his master’s degree at UC and finding a job in the USA. The university had implemented a “Practical Sandwich Education” so that while in school, students can prioritize experiencing work environments, improving their professional skills, and looking for overseas internship opportunities. He adds that he was fortunate enough to be granted the internship opportunity at a company in Texas during his junior year. During that year, the university arranged for a comprehensive, fully-paid internship program and that actual work allowed him to, not only, apply his knowledge into practice, but also to understand how the company operated. He also learned to develop a good work attitude, which helped him build a deeper understanding of integrating theory and practice. During his internship, he met many exchange students and soon began to consider studying in the USA. Before the conclusion of his internship, he found out about the double master’s degrees program from MCUT and UC and understood that it was far more advantageous to apply to that program than searching for a graduate program on his own, so he became more determined in this goal. Upon returning to the university for his senior year, he began to improve his professional knowledge and worked hard on his English skills. Finally, he was fortunate enough to be accepted to the master’s program at UC and achieved his dream of studying abroad. Mr. Chen also stated that things were very difficult when he first went to UC as he needed to adapt to a different style of education and language environment; he had to take care of all matters of his life and these challenges helped him become, even, more independent. Like Ming-Chi, UC offers a coveted paid internship co-op program as it also where paid internships began in the USA; UC also offers an internship fair, in which many well-known USA companies would participate in. While interviews did not go as expected in the first semester, Mr. Chen converted his obstacles into a greater drive and successfully earned an internship opportunity in the second semester. The well-paid internship helped him save on tuition and more importantly let him accumulate work experience. At the end of the internship, Mr. Chen was able to complete his reports and graduation requirements to earn his two master’s degrees from MCUT and UC, including finding a full-time job in the USA. Finally, Mr. Chen states that this is all thanks to MCUT for providing comprehensive resources and subsidizing some of his overseas study costs which have helped him achieve his limitless potential.
Currently, Ming Chi University of Technology has 8 students, from the School of Engineering, participating in the program and have obtained two master’s degrees; one student has even taken the initiative to stay in the USA to pursue a Ph.D. Aside from Chen Yi-Hung, the remaining students have also found great work opportunities in different industries. The program is proven to improve student’s language skills, expand their international perspective and thinking while giving them broader opportunities in the future.
In addition to the student-focused cooperation of both universities, MCUT and UC have also strived to create more diversified models of cooperation. The Overseas Industry Practical Seminar and Service Project led by Head Researcher, Dr. Kevin Liu arranged for 40 professors to travel to the University of Cincinnati in the summers of 2017 and 2018 to attend 3-4 week seminars. The seminars covered themes such as “Practical Industrial Applications of Data Science and Big Data Analytics” and “AI and Machine Learning”. In addition to selecting suitable candidates from within the university, the program was open for applications and professors from Chang Gung University of Science and Technology, National Taipei University of Technology, and National Taipei University of Business also attended the program. It not only encouraged professors to go abroad to improve their learning skills to keep up with the latest trends in international academic research but also allowed them exchanges with foreign scholars and a better understanding of issues and development trends from specific fields and industries. The program strengthened the professors’ teaching methods, skills, and increased their teaching ability in the hopes of integrating innovative teaching methods into their courses after they return.
The goal of education at Ming Chi University of Technology is to cultivate hardworking individuals, with down-to-earth attitudes and are adepts of both theory and practice in their quest for life-long learning; we believe these types of individuals are prioritized by corporations during recruitment. Through academic and cultural exchanges with our sister university abroad, we not only solidify this alliance but also work together to cultivate cross-disciplinary and international talents for our societies. The goals and spirit will be forever sustainable!

A Seminar hosted by Oxana Prokhorova, Director of the Center for Global Affairs, the University of Cincinnati on the double master’s degrees program at Ming Chi University of Technology
Group photo of a team of professors from Ming Chi University of Technology attending the Overseas Industrial Practical Seminar and Service Project at the University of Cincinnati