Tatung University-Tatung University practically broadens and deepens internationalization

Tatung University
Tatung University practically broadens and deepens internationalization

Country:Germany Partner:Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences Type of Cooperation: Joint Research Program Joint Dual-Degree Program Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Since:2009

Case Feature

  • Cultural exchange camp deepens cultural intelligence
  • Multiple learning approaches increase the interaction of students
  • Comprehensive teachers' interaction strengthens the long term cooperation relationship
Prof. Patrick Shicheng Chen had a small lecture in Germany

In a mid-summer afternoon, Professor Patrick Shicheng Chen from the Department of Information Management and Professor Angeline Teyi Lin from the Department of Business Management were walking quickly on the peaceful campus of Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences to have a micro-course teaching, which is also part of the many exchange activities between the two schools.


1. The DNA of both technology and practice makes Tatung University to meet new German family.
Tatung University, which was founded for more than half a century, has always been aiming to cultivate scientists, engineers and business entrepreneurs needed for national development. With the emphasis on technology and practice, Tatung University has nurtured many successful professionals.
The Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, located on the other side of the earth, is located in Stuttgart, the locus of the German automotive industry and the capital of Baden-Wuttemberg. It is a university focusing on practical talents incubation. The two schools with similar DNA, under the guidance of the teachers of the two schools, spanned thousands of miles and became family members.


2. Relocate teaching, study and employment create international talents with actions.
During the winter days, the campus of Tatung University was always full of English and laughter in a German accent. It was a day when teachers and students of the German Chinese Cultural Camp met. As an outpost to promote exchanges between the two schools, there are already 81 German teachers and students learning Chinese through campus study and daily life. Let’s transfer to Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences. In the hot summer evening, a group of students from Taiwan are receiving a warm reception in a German-style welcome party. This is a summer German cultural camp. So far, there are 110 Taiwanese teachers and students experiencing the campus style and daily life in Stuttgart, as well as learning German. The purpose of the cultural camps between the two schools is to increase the understanding of each other’s culture, school and life between teachers and students of both schools, and reduce the sense of strangeness, thereby facilitating the exchange programs, the dual degree program and academic interactions between teachers. Many students from these two universities became good friends. After the camp, they continued to communicate and share their lives via internet, like Facebook and Line. Among them, some students are attracted by the culture, the school spirit, or because of their personal study plans, and become exchange students or double degree students. Up to now, a total of 27 students has become exchange students and 11 students have chosen the double degree program. Some students from Tatung University even directly enter the German corporates after graduation because that they like the life in Stuttgart, coupled with their excellent ability.


3. Multiple interaction formats strengthens the relationship with sister schools
Tatung University uses multiple interaction formats and considers the characteristics of the schools to carry out international exchanges with 179 sister schools around the world. Taking the cooperation of Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences as an example, we can clearly understand how Tatung University get closer to sister schools. Since the cooperation agreement on October 3, 2008, Tatung University and the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences have maintained exchanges programs, double degree programs and cultural camps, allowing 229 Taiwanese and German students to visit the two places through mutual visits and experience professionalism, culture and life. In addition to the interactions among students, the interaction between teachers are also an important key. The teachers of the two schools frequently interact in international academic and cultural exchange activities, coupled with similar teaching concepts and goals, and complementary professional research and teaching. The case of international exchanges with Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences demonstrates Tatung University’s stable, pragmatic and multi-path internationalization policy. The implementation of this policy involves the overall planning and operation of the school and depends on the concerted cooperation of all units and the support of the school’s management level.


With the support of President Ming-Guo Her and Dean Pi-Chuan Sun, Tatung University has promoted cultural camps with Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (since 2009), exchange programs (since 2009) and double degree programs (since 2013), and encouraged the visits by professors (since 2011), exchange of teacher teaching (since 2011), etc. After many years of solid and steady hard work, you can see the results of the two schools cooperation in terms of teaching, research, and school management.

Prof. Patrick Shicheng Chen had a picture with principal of Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences
Prof. Patrick Shicheng Chen and Prof. Angeline Teyi Lin had a picture with principal of Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences, Director of International Office and Dean of Business Management