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National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology
SOAR English Program

Country:Philippines Partner:National University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, Universidad de Extremo Oriente, Trinity University of Asia, Cebu Institute of Technology University Type of Cooperation: Overseas Research Program(Includes Exchange Students, Short-term Studies, and Internships) Since:2017

Case Feature

  • Overseas English Study、International Experience、Sister School Camp
Through small group interactive teaching, the planning of the class can have more flexibilities and combinations.With the lead of professional English teachers sources, students have more chance to practice speaking and enhance conversation skills.(Photo by: NKUST Office of International Affairs)

According to President Yang, it is already been four years since we cooperate with the sister schools in the Philippines for the Soar English Program.The Philippines is a romantic and creative country, as the nearest English speaking country from Taiwan, it has great education quality, facility, affordable life living expenses and cultural diversity.Especially for the sister schools that we have chosen for example, National University of the Philippines Diliman, Ateneo de Manila University, Universidad de Extremo Oriente andTrinity University of Asia, Cebu Institute of Technology University are all top schools in the Philippines. The Dean of the Office of International Affairs Dr. Yi-Chun Huang quotes that “ who that travel most knows most.”Learning should not be framed in a classroom and also should not be grounded in Taiwan.Every NKUST students who joined the Soar English Program came back to become the school’s International Ambassador .We hope that students can create bond between bond with students from our sister schools.In addition to students’ own gains and growth, students can be a little guide to share experience of studying overseas and also different horizons with other students.


The Soar English Program Helps Students to See the Different Sides of Them.
賴奕霖同學 who is from the Department of Mold and Die Engineering and joined the 2017 camp said that,he hopes to enhance his English speaking skills, broaden his horizons and expect himself to learn well and get to learn more information which can be useful for him.劉育瑋同學 from the International Master of Business Administration Program points out that this trips provide her a chance to get to know different countries’ culture, people and languages.He can also turns what he have seen and learn oversea into his own knowledge, enhances his English communicate ability, strengthen personal competitiveness.He also hopes to become a person with a full range of talents with abilities in all aspects of interpersonal, communication, professionalism, and management.Ms. Qiu who have joined the 2018 camp from the Department of Civil Engineering said that, she is a pretty good writer herself, but due to the language environment in Taiwan she seldom get to use and practice English. She wants this overseas study will enhance the ability of English dialogue and prepare for future international exchange students.Ms. Chou from the Department of Mechanical Engineering points out that he is so grateful for the school for providing such opportunity to learn, this is also his first time traveling overseas, he was obviously so excited.This trip did not just enhances his language ability, he also get to know about different countries’ culture and people.Even though students who studied Engineering related subject hates learning languages, but he knows that the more you hate or bad at something, the more you need to overcome it which can helps him stands our from the crowd.


「Stands In NKUST, Soars to the World」
The SOAR English Program Attach to the World to Improve Students Mobility.
National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology started the Soar Program since 2017, using “Stands In NKUST, Soars to the WorldStands In NKUST, Soars to the World”as the main point.「S.O.A.R」is the core thoughts of the program,「S」stands for starting the study(Start),「O」stands for learning in all aspects(Omni Learning),「A」stands for culture experiencing and appreciating(Appreciating) and 「R」stands for self rising(Rising).Through this program the school select and send students who have strong will of learning and overseas exchange to our overseas sister school to join the SOAR English camp and also subsidy them to join.Cultivate students with international communication skills, cross-cultural adaptability and practical skills, so as to cultivate students’ international mobility.In the mean time, we will also take this activity to open up substantial educational exchanges with ASEAN and sister schools in South Asian countries, and deepen mutual interaction and alliance relationships.
As the result of the merger, NKUST incorporates the strengths of the three universities—strong connections with industries, innovation and entrepreneurship, and ocean technologies.With the pursuit of such ideals as value co-creation and people- oriented leadership, NKUST continues to serve as the think tank in Kaohsiung, the engine of industries, and the base of the southbound plan. The professional knowledge of NKUST graduates is also highly affirmed by enterprises and the public.Nowadays, with the trend of globalization, the requirement and importance of English proficiency in the workplace are also increasing. In the strategy of promoting internationalization, the University of Science and Technology also pays special attention to how to improve students’ international participation and improve students’ English ability and confidence internally. , And provide students with opportunities and channels for international participation.


Improve Students’ English Ability and Confidence
In order to deepen students’ foreign language skills, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology has adopted a step-by-step approach to shape the foreign language teaching environment. For example, the Foreign Language Education Center has established a solid language foundation for students to go abroad for further studies or short-term studies through a series of innovative teaching methods and courses.Starting from the 108 academic year, the common English curriculum will be fully implemented in small classes, with an average of 30 to 35 students in each class. Freshmen will be arranged according to their entrance scores and arranged in classes, The sophomore class is divided into three levels of ABC teaching based on the school’s English test scores, and two advanced English dual-theme experimental classes are set up specifically for A-level students. The 18-week course is arranged for the first nine weeks and the next nine weeks. A teacher teaches different topics, motivates students to learn English through appropriate teaching and entertaining, and continues to improve their English ability.


Provide International Participation Opportunities and Channels
In addition to the annual Ministry of Education Scholarship (Feiyang, Xizhu, Zhumeng) subsidies, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology selects and sends students to sister schools in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other overseas regions for four months to two years of overseas training to assist the family economy The underprivileged students fulfill their dream of studying abroad.In order to encourage students to look internationally and bravely challenge themselves since they enrolled, President Yang continued the spirit of studying the sea and put forward the “The SOAR Program”, focusing on improving English proficiency, and training students to have international skills through four weeks of overseas training activities. Communicative language ability, showing appropriate communication behavior;Under the teaching environment of listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, with cultural exploration education, sister school peer exchange and learning, students can experience local life step by step, respect and appreciate cultural differences, and expand students international perspective.

Step outside of the classroom to experience overseas sister school life - joining the Radyo Katipunan school podcast invited by Ateneo de Manila University.(Photo by: NKUST Office of International Affairs)
Students who have passed the 4 weeks SOAR English program getting the Certificate of Completion issued by our sister schools.(Top:National University of the Philippines Diliman;Bottom:Cebu Institute of Technology University)