Culture Exchange-The The Spectacular Taiwan Culture Winter Camp

National Taichung University of Education
Culture Exchange-The The Spectacular Taiwan Culture Winter Camp

Country:sister universities Partner:sister universities Type of Cooperation: Short-term Culture Program Since:102

Case Feature

  • Fifty faculty and students came to NTCU for 10 days
  • Foreign faculty and students experienced Taiwan culture
The Spectacular Taiwan Culture Winter Camp-Calligraphy Class

The University has fostered the enrichment and fulfillment of the whole person through erudition education and is a teaching-oriented university major in nurturing brilliant students. Its guiding principles have been “refinement, creativity, and new vision.” It emphasizes student-centered teaching, stresses both scientific and humanistic education, and advocates professionalism with critical thinking. Pursuing the goal as the regional, national, and global famous university, NTCU expects to be excellent because of students, and expects its students to be excellent because of NTCU.
NTCU starts to international exchange and understands the difference among various cultures and language’s importance nowadays. Through international exchange, NTCU overturns traditional learning from books, provides personal and DIY experiences. To broaden students’ international perspectives and to increase more interactions between native students and foreign students, students from sister universities get know each other and native students enhance their ability in English for creating an international environment. The purpose of the winter camp is to promote Taiwanese culture and understand different cultures among countries, so that NTCU invites international students for visit.
The winter camp begins from mutual visits between NTCU and Seoul National University of Educaiton(SNUE). Every year, NTCU holds the winter camp and invites 24 faculty and students from SNUE to participate in the winter camp. During summer vacation, SNUE holds the summer camp and invite 24 faculty and students from NTCU for a visit. Participants live our dormitory and the guest hotel. The winter camp is a 10-day activity and NTCU provide meals, accommodation, courses and field trips for free. The winter camp includes Chinese courses, courses of Taiwanese culture, DIY and field trips. Korean faculty and students can understand and experience Taiwanese culture. From the third year, NTCU invites more faculty and students from other countries, for example: Japan, Denmark, Austria, Russia, Czech, England, France and Philippines.
2020 is the eighth year of the winter camp. In order to show NTCU’s hospitality, we recruit 40-50 native students who are excellent in English or Korean language to be helpers. One-by-one buddy system can help our participants with soaking our activity. Helpers also attend all courses during this 10-day activity. Doing traditional cookies, visiting folk museum, writing calligraphy and experiencing Ti-JI make foreign students understand Taiwan well. We do hope that foreign students can know more about Taiwan and come to Taiwan for study in the future.
The winter camp is a substantial exchange and it becomes popular among sister universities. Every year, more and more foreign students would like to participate in this camp and come to Taiwan. In the near future, more sister universities can join us and make the scale of this camp bigger. Come to The Spectacular Taiwan Culture Winter Camp and Come to NTCU.

The Spectacular Taiwan Culture Winter Camp --Field Trip
The Spectacular Taiwan Culture Winter Camp -Tai-Ji Class