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2019 Taiwan-US International Education Administrators/Senior Staff Networking Event Ends Successfully

The "2019 Taiwan-US International Education Administrators/Senior Staff Networking Event " was held on March 14 on the Taipei campus of Tamkang University. The event was jointly organized by the Foundation for Higher Education International Cooperation and the Fulbright, Taiwan. There were 52 attendees from Taiwan and the United States with 32 participating universities.

The Fulbright International Education Administrators is an international exchange program initiated by the US Department of State's Fulbright Program to provide international education  administrators and education directors at all levels of the US the opportunities of on-site visits and learn about the internationalization of other countries. By personally stepping on the ground to understand the country's higher education environment, the participants will get the chance to establish an effective network of contacts with local higher education institutions.

The participating universities from the States include: University of California-Davis, University of South Carolina, University of Texas at Austin, Windward Community College, Clark College, San Francisco State University, University of Wyoming, and American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

In her opening speech, Professor Mei-fen Chen, the CEO of FICHET, stated that there has been a long-standing exchange between Taiwan and the United States in various fields. As far as academic cooperation is concerned, since 1996, 142 universities in Taiwan have signed more than 2,348 academic agreements with 643 universities in the United States, and the exchange is very energetic and abundant. In addition, since 2018, FICHET has held the relevant exchange activities through the opportunity of the US International Education Executive to visit Taiwan, not only to establish a communication platform for the universities of both sides, to learn from each other, but also to face each other through rich and exquisite activities in the hope of opening up more opportunities for future cooperation.

The way in which the exchange meeting is conducted is to share the strategy and experience with the representatives of both parties, and then conduct in-depth discussions. The topics of the exchange discussions included:

  • (1) Overview of bilateral cooperation between Taiwan and the United States;
  • (2) International students’ motivation to study in Taiwan;
  • (3) Introduction to the TEEP program;
  • (4) International Student Support System;
  • (5) International students sharing their experiences in Taiwan;
  • (6) Promoting the mobility of students from Taiwan and the United States.






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