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2019 APAIE 徵稿日期順延,即日起至9/6止,有意投稿者惠請留意

2019第14屆亞太教育者年會(APAIE)將由馬來西亞工藝大學 (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM) 在內等6所學校共同主辦,預定2019年3月25日至29日假馬來西亞吉隆坡會展中心 (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, KLCC)舉行。

大會徵稿日期順延,改為即日起至2018年9月6日止,採線上投稿 (原訂2018.6.1-8.5) ,參考資訊如下。(日期內容若有變動,請以大會官網公布最新資訊為準)

大會官網 (Call for Proposals):


Proposal Submission Opens 即日起
Proposal Submission Closes 06-Sep-18
Notification of Acceptance of Proposals 31-Oct-18


Diversity and Inclusivity of Higher Education in the Asia-Pacific

  • Transnational Higher Education and 21st Century Education
  • Mobility and Diversity: Developing Global Citizens
  • Inclusion, Equality and Diversity in Higher Education
  • Harmonising Regional Higher Education


Prior to making a submission, ensure you are familiar with the theme and sub-themes, and have read through the following guidelines.

The Asia-Pacific Association for International Education annual conference provides a program of workshops and sessions to ensure delegates are at the forefront of international education practices and trends of the Asia-Pacific region.

In 2019, APAIE’s program of pre-conference workshops and parallel sessions will focus on the 2019 conference theme of Diversity and Inclusivity of Higher Education in the Asia Pacific. To be part of the APAIE 2019 program, your proposal will have a clear connection to the conference theme, and where applicable, your nominated sub-theme. It will meet the selection criteria listed below.

In line with the conference theme, group submissions should demonstrate “diversity and inclusivity” amongst their presenters. Groups with representation across the Asia Pacific are encouraged.

NOTE: An individual may be part of up to 3 submissions in total, regardless of type.

The following types of submissions will be considered:

Pre-conference Workshop Workshops take place on Mon 25th March 2019, 9.30am-12.30noon. 3 hours, including a brief tea/coffee break.

For each workshop:

  • Up to 4 individuals may be part of the Workshop Provider team.
  • Up to 2 workshop facilitators will be granted complimentary conference registration with the remaining facilitators offered speaker registration rate.
Parallel Session Parallel sessions take place Tues 26th to Thurs 28th March 2019.

Delivery mode options:

1.    Presentation or panel session

  • Individual or group of up to 3 presenters
  • 30 or 60 minutes

2.    World Café-style session

  • Structured, interactive, small group, round table discussions of the same topic from different perspectives or sub-topics. Chair introduces topic, each facilitator gives a brief overview from their particular perspective and take a table apiece. Participants choose a table of the facilitator whose discussion they’d like to join. Depending on structure and time, participants may move around to other facilitators’ tables.
  • 60 or 90 minutes
  • Chair plus up to 4 facilitators

Presenters, chairs/facilitators are eligible to register at the speaker rate.

Poster Poster presentations take place during coffee breaks over Tues 26th to Thurs 28th March 2019.

  • Up to 2 presenters per poster.
  • Poster presenters are eligible to register at the speaker rate.

Selection Criteria

As more proposals are submitted than can be accommodated, the selection committee considers the following criteria when making their assessment.

  1. Overall quality of proposal
  2. Connection and relevance to the conference theme and nominated sub-theme (where applicable)
  3. Clarity of objectives
  4. Sound academic content and basis
  5. Relevance to the Asia-Pacific region
  6. Proposed content is not a promotion of your products, services nor organisation. (You may use your organisation as an example or case study to support the aim of your presentation but it must be balanced with other examples or case studies.)
  7. Interest to an APAIE audience: How topical, innovative, and new is the perspective presented?
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