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List of Recipients of Logo Design Competition for OPEN WORLD LECTURES @ FICHET

Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) held the “Logo Design Competition” in order to host a lecture series entitled OPEN WORLD LECTURES @ FICHET. After undergoing a verification and selection process through the committee, no prizes were given for First Prize and Honourable Mention. FICHET, however, prepare the gifts for each entrants to thank your participation as well as provide the voucher to the nominee for the category of the Best Popularity Award.

Best Popularity Award:

  • U. Kathuria / Explore Beyond Boundaries
  • 林O樞 / CUBE
  • 林O廷 / 世界講台

The nominees of the Best Popularity Award:

  • 丁O曦 / OPEN世界講堂•點亮你的世界
  • 吳O芷 / 領袖
  • 李O旻 / 國際學習‧臺灣前進
  • 洪O華 / OPEN世界講堂@ FICHET
  • 陳O臻 / 合和
  • F. W. Karim / Elevate with Knowledge

※ FICHET will recently notify all prize recipients via email, please claim the prize within 3 days after receiving the notification. All contest winners who accept their reward past this time-frame will be seen as ineligible for this claim.

Sasha Ouyang[email protected]
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