• It’s My Choice—Reasons for Studying in Taiwan

Each year, many international students come to Taiwan for better higher education. More than 30,000 foreign students are currently studying in Taiwan. If you are one of them, your opinions are crucial for us. We sincerely invite you to participate in our online survey. Tell us what you think about “Study in Taiwan,” and you might be the lucky one to win a 12000 NTD cash award.

Online Survey Event Rules

  1. Event website: http://www.fichet.org.tw/2015survey2
  2. Hosted by: Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan
  3. Qualification: International students who are currently studying in university or graduate school in Taiwan, including overseas Chinese students, Mainland China students, exchange students, Chinese learning center students, and foreign students. Each participant is allowed to participate in the event once.
  4. What we are looking for: Your opinions of “Study in Taiwan”
  5. Important dates:
    1. Deadline for Participation: October 23, 2015.
    2. Announcement: Announcement of the winners will be made on our website on November 6.
  6. How to join the survey?
    Go to our website, sign in via Facebook account, and answer all questions. You’re all set!
  7. Lucky Draw Prize:
    The lucky draw winners will be selected randomly, and must not have been awarded any other prizes by FICHET during the event.
    1. First Prize: convenient store gift coupon equivalent of 12000NTD
    2. Second Prize: convenient store gift coupon equivalent of 8000NTD
    3. Third Prize: convenient store gift coupon equivalent of 3000NTD
    4. 2 Selected Prizes: convenient store gift coupon equivalent of 1000NTD


獎別 獎項 得獎者編號 得獎者姓名  
首獎 超商禮券12000元 448 林O益 098434xxxx
二獎 超商禮券8000元 282 方O誠 090904xxxx
三獎 超商禮券3000元 1093 KONG ****** MEI 097557xxxx
四獎 超商禮券1000元 386 葉O明 098668xxxx
四獎 超商禮券1000元 382 Janice ****** Liu 091289xxxx

Important Notices

  1. The winners will be announced at the event website (http://www.fichet.org.tw/2015survey2) on November 6, 2015.
  2. By participating in the online survey, you agree with all the policies of this event, including the privacy policy. On the infringement of plagiarism, fraud or other illegal behavior, FICHET reserve the right to cancel the qualification, prize, and certificate, and to pursue legal liability. Those who cause any harm to FICHET or any other third parties should bear the civil and/or criminal liability.
  3. The participants should provide correct personal information and bear all legal liability.
  4. FICHET has the right to publish analyses of the online survey and press material.
  5. If the event cannot proceed under any circumstances, FICHET reserve the right to cancel, end, amend, prolong, shorten or postponed the event.
  6. The prize winners shall have the duty of paying income taxes in accordance with the income tax law.
  7. The prize winners shall be deemed to acquiesce in forfeiting the prize if they fail to mail the document of “WINNER AFFIDAVIT OF ELIGIBILITY ANDLIABILITY & PUBLICITY RELEASE” to FICHET before November 13, 2015 (postmarked).
  8. FICHET reserves the right to interpret and amend the rule and regulations of the event. Other issues not mentioned above will be subject to the rules and regulations of FICHET.